Vista X64

I’ve actually had better experience using Vista Enterprise x86_64 than I did with x86. Even though I only have 2GB RAM on my machine at home, it still seems to be a better experience. I’m still trying to figure out how to get up to 4GB cheaply enough. I want all 4 sticks to be identical, so either that means I find two more Corsair XMS DDR400, or I buy 4GB of new RAM and sell mine. The latter option is looking more attractive, because even on eBay, that particular model of Corsair RAM is going for $120 used. Newegg is completely out, and Zipzoomfly wants $200 (no thanks!). Considering I can get 4GB of a different brand for ~$180, I could sell the ones I have now for at least $100, which would make that a pretty affordable solution.

Why do I need 4GB? Mainly because I run a lot of VM’s and I’d like to allocate them at least 1GB to speed things up. It’s also kinda nagging me that I have a 64-bit OS and I’m not really taking advantage of it. :)