Ahem… Easy Root Anyone?

Google pulled Easy Root?  Why does this sound familiar?  I’m not even going to try to compare the number of Apple’s App Store rejections with Google’s.  I know Apple has far more.  It’s not about that.  It’s about doing something you said you wouldn’t do.  Apple clearly stated they have a right to reject App Store submissions.  Google said they would never do that & that anyone should be free to develop whatever application they wanted.  Google, how’s that crow?

An aside… I tried an HTC EVO this weekend which is supposed to be Android’s current flagship phone (or one of them).  I’ll be perfectly honest, using Android was almost painful.  Everything just seemed so clunky and not-smooth… not at all what I’m used to with 4 years iPhone experience.  Swiping on it made me think of dragging something across sandpaper rather than the buttery smooth action I’m used to on the iPhone.  To be fair, the guy that had it said he just bought it a few days ago & he hadn’t so much as installed an application that didn’t come with the phone.  Also, to me, it seemed a little too big to be a phone.  However, the larger screen was a nice plus when he showed me the one feature I actually DID like, photo & video recording.  The quality seemed very good.  I asked him how he liked it overall far… his response was very “meh”… just unimpressed.  His biggest complaint was battery life.  He said any considerable usage would drain his battery in half a day.  That’s pretty bad.  He’s considering taking it back & switching back to Verizon & hope the iPhone gets released with Verizon in January.

I have no qualms against Google, I love a lot of their services.  I’m definitely disappointed that their relationship with Apple has been going steadily downhill since Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s board of directors.  I think it would have been the ultimate partnership had it continued.