OpenSUSE ATI Problem


Today I realized that changing the below mode from 0660 to 0666 is not the right way to go.  There is an actual group in OpenSUSE called “video” that each user needs to be a member of.  The “mode” is actually a permission that gives users of the group “video” access to the special DRI 3D stuff that the video card does.

Well, by default, all users in OpenSUSE are a member of the video group.  I happened to be using this method of migrating users to upgrade the workstation so I wouldn’t lose any passwords.  Somehow, the users lost their video group membership, most likely due to the differences between OpenSUSE 10.3 and 11.  That caused the error below.


Thought I’d post this so maybe it’ll help someone else later.

After upgrading one of our workstations to OpenSUSE 11, I had a problem getting the ATI Drivers to load properly.  I tried both the drivers in ATI’s YaST repository as well as the one available for download from their website.  The problem persisted with either method.  I have an ATI FireGL V5200 card.  Here’s the error I saw:

libGL error: open DRM failed (Operation not permitted)
libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering

After about half a day of researching the issue, I found the fix.  At the very end of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, you should see this section:

Section “DRI”
Group      “video”
Mode       0660

Change the Mode to 0666, then restart X by hitting ctrl+alt+backspace twice (some only once).  Problem solved!  I have no idea if this is a security risk or not, so leave a comment if it is.