I broke down and bought a family pack of MobileMe for the wife and I from Amazon for $85.  A few things prompted my decision:

  1. Price – that’s a killer deal!
  2. Calendar Sync – no other service I’ve seen yet will sync directly from the iPhone wirelessly*
  3. Gallery – this is one of the better looking online photo galleries I’ve seen.
  4. iWeb – I think once I show the wife how easy this is to use, she’ll love it.
  5. Backup – nice having the peace of mind that my critical stuff is backed up daily to iDisk for off-site storage.  Good compliment to Time Machine.

I haven’t abandoned Google’s services at all.  In fact, I’m working on keeping them all synced.  I don’t think I’m going to use my email address to replace my address just yet.  Most likely I’ll use it as a secondary account.

One thing I’m really waiting on, and I’ve submitted a feature request to the MobileMe team a few times, is the ability to sync subscribed calendars with the full push functionality available with the personal calendars.

*I know about Nuevasync.  I don’t like the idea of giving them my Google login.  Plus, it’s in beta.  Some people have said it went down on them and their calendars disappeared during that time.  My wife would not like that very much at all.