I can’t stand buying stuff from CDW.  They’ve got the most useless search feature, and over half of their products have a really bad description.  The descriptions are so useless, I usually have to look up the specs from the manufacturer’s website.  I don’t have many options for buying at work (big corporation), and believe it or not, CDW is the quickest way I can get a quote out the door.

Example:  I’m searching for an external hard drive.  I wanna find a 2.5″ drive with a 16mb buffer.  So, I navigate to external hard drives, and on the basic search feature, I look under buffer size.  I have the option to search for 1mb or below, 1mb to 32mb, and 32mb and above.  Seeing how the majority of hard drives out there fall into the 1mb-32mb range, that’s a pretty stupid option!!

But wait!! There’s more!

There’s also the ability to search by interface type.  Let’s say I want a USB interface.  I can choose between the Hi-Speed USB interface with 392 results or the Hi-Speed USB interface with 40 results.  What’s the difference between the two?? I even checked the spelling and hyphenation… it’s exactly the same!!

I really wish would take purchase orders.  They would do so much business in the corporate world that way.  At least from me.