Fishworks and Sun NAS

Just thought I’d post a quick blurb on all the great work Sun is doing in the NAS world.  OpenSolaris is really taking off as an OS of choice with sysadmins, not just for ZFS’s awesome capabilities, but also that it makes a great web/app/dbms server platform.

Being a file server admin myself, I can’t help but not want to deploy one of these babies:  Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems – Amber Road Overview.  Simple, yet powerful, this sucker runs circles around my aging Windows and Mac OS file servers.

Another thing I love about it is it’s Status Dashboard, which you can download and run in a VM.  I’m trying it out now, and it’s just amazing. This blog by Brendan Gregg, Fishworks engineer, shows some of it’s features in more detail.

Maybe I can work it into the next fiscal year’s budget. Ha… in my dreams. :)