I have no intention of pissing off anyone, and I don’t have anything against anyone’s choice for their sexuality.  It’s their choice, and they should act however they feel.

I think the purpose of life is for it to continue (or one of it’s purposes anyway).  Species have evolved over time to adapt to survive in their environment.  I can’t think of a single instance where this adaptation was brought upon by the species’ choice… can you?  Some species can reproduce on their own, others require a mate of the opposite sex.  Humans require a mate of the opposite sex.  A human male cannot naturally give birth to offspring.  A human female cannot impregnate herself naturally.  So, how does homosexuality play a roll in the continuation of the human race?

Let’s assume the human race as we know it today gets “reset”.  All technology and science as we know it is lost.  We have to resort to living off of the earth.  What would become of those “choices” people have made regarding their lifestyles?  Would we, as humans, adapt?  If homosexuality is really engrained in DNA rather than a conscious choice, would it die off eventually?

Homosexual couples adopt, which I think is a great way to start a family.  I don’t really have any good arguments against that, except that in my “reset” scenario, I don’t think adoption would be a choice.  Adoption should not exist, IMO… I mean, it should not be needed.

There’s also surrogate birth, but I can’t see that playing into the “reset” scenario either.

Yeah, that “reset” scenario’s a long shot, but it could happen.  I try to break down every question as far as I can, because I usually find that the simplest answer is almost always the right one.

I don’t disagree with homosexuality because it disgusts me or it defies my beliefs.  I disagree with it because it’s not natural… it’s not life’s way.  I’m sure I’m wrong, so tell me all about it in the comments.